Why Chris Paul’s Proposed Big Three With Knicks Could Beat Miami Heat

LeBron James and Chris Bosh decided to form the NBA’s most talented and star-studded trio by joining Dwayne Wade on the Miami Heat.

The formation came as a huge blow to the gut of the Knicks, who over two years ago began clearing cap space in hopes of forming a similar winning combination of its own this summer.

Nevertheless, there’s always next year (or even 2012, perhaps).  (There may even be a chance of something happening sooner.)

As Knicks fans still mourned being spurned by LeBron and company, Hornets star Chris Paul attempted to lift up their spirits.

While in New York City attending Carmelo Anthony’s wedding reception, Paul toasted the groom and his new wife, actress LaLa Vazquez, while stating that he hopes to form his own “dream-team” with Anthony and the already present Amare Stoudemire on the Knicks.

Wedding guest and Knicks super fan Spike Lee almost fainted from across the room.

The notion that the three could team up (Anthony becomes a free agent in 2011 and Paul in 2012) is intriguing to say the least.

While that combination may not be quite as name-worthy as the one the Heat recently formed, it could certainly end up being the better fit for the Knicks.

There have been concerns about LeBron, Wade, and Bosh all coexisting in one city with one ball. In the case of Paul, Anthony, and Stoudemire, chemistry would not be a problem.

If the Knicks were miraculously able to pull off such acquisitions, the team would be able to beat the Miami Heat.

While Wade and LeBron are both able to handle the ball, neither is a true point guard. Chris Paul, on the other hand, is the best point guard in the league because he is the best at getting his teammates involved. Of course, he is also an efficient scorer and lockdown defender.

And while all three new Heat acquisitions have been considered “the man” on their former respective teams, Anthony and Stoudemire have a better and more comfortable understanding of what it means to play in a team-like atmosphere. They both have proven throughout their careers that they are able to coexist with other scorers.

Furthermore, all three proposed Knick acquisitions are hungry to win. The commitment to ultimately win a championship will take priority over how much attention each individual will get.

Having said that, Stoudemire is of course receiving recognition as the biggest acquisition the Knicks have made in years. When and if Melo and CP3 arrive in New York, the Knicks will be “Stoudemire’s team.”

Although both would concede to Stoudemire, the attention they would receive coming to the Big Apple would still do wonders for each one’s career.

New York is one of the biggest markets in the world, much bigger than Denver or New Orleans. Both Melo and CP3’s careers (and popularity) would benefit from donning orange and blue, as each (especially Melo) has trailed in popularity to the league’s more popular players, particularly the ones that signed with the Heat.

Stoudemire’s popularity has risen tenfold over the last week, proving the new trio of the Heat’s loss could be the gain of Melo and CP3.

The alleged trio for the Knicks could come sooner than later. Paul, whose Hornets have not made steady improvements over the summer, could be requesting a trade shortly.

Anthony has been strongly holding off from signing a contract extension with the Nuggets.

As the Knicks obviously have no flexibility (nor the assets) to acquire both via trade, it would be smart to acquire Paul ASAP, and making a contract offer to Anthony next summer, as opposed to waiting until 2012 for Paul.

Acquiring Paul would obviously prove to Anthony that the Knicks are committed to forming a winning trio of their own.

If it’s praise, stardom, and championship hope that Anthony desires, he would have the best chance of obtaining all by taking on the challenge that LeBron James declined to take on in New York.


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