Breaking Down LeBron James’ Decision to Sign with the Miami Heat

LeBron James announced his decision to join forces with Dwyane Wade and Chris Bosh and sign with the Miami Heat Thursday night

The decision may not come as a huge surprise to many, as news of what has come to be known as “The Decision” leaked throughout the day.

However, teaming up with two of the NBA’s best players may not be the best thing for him.

Is being labeled “the dream team” enough to suggest that a guaranteed championship for the Heat next season is simply that; just a dream?

Now that James is finished breaking the hearts of fans all over Cleveland, it is time to break down his decision to sign elsewhere.

Many components of LeBron’s decision to sign with the Miami Heat make sense. After spending seven seasons in small-market (but hometown) Cleveland, he joins a beautiful city and popular market in Miami.

On paper, the Heat theoretically provide him with the best chance to add such a significantly needed piece to his resume that has eluded him for quite some time now: a championship.

Placing LeBron on a team with Wade, who already knows what it takes to win a championship, and Bosh, who is now hungry to win as ever, gives the Heat the most firepower in the league. The three superstars clearly give the team the best chances of winning a championship on paper.

Although the team will now have to fill out the team by signing multiple players to minimum contracts, it all comes down to finding the right guys that fit.

The Celtics built a winning model just seasons ago when they teamed up Kevin Garnett and Ray Allen with Paul Pierce, surrounding them with smart, clutch veterans such as P.J. Brown and Eddie House.

If the Heat can convince a group of their own smart and experienced veterans that they will all have the best chances of winning in Miami, a championship may be in reach this season.

However, having the best chance to win on paper can only take a team so far.

Although all three are primed to compete, chemistry will be an obstacle this season.

As each member of “the dream team” is accustomed to being the one with the ball in their hands at the end of the game, how will two of them cope with being pushed to the side as the third member has his time in the spotlight?

Bosh may be the easiest to concede, as being “the man” in Toronto has not exactly translated into winning. Enlisting in helping and removing certain pressures may come as a very smart move for him.

The real tug of war will come between Wade and LeBron.

While each one is recognized as being a gifted passer, how eager will either of them really be to pass up the opportunity to a win a ballgame?

Furthermore, LeBron James is widely known as being the best player to grace the NBA hardwood floor since Michael Jordon.

As the spotlight comes off him as an individual, and as he begins to relinquish shot opportunities, his prophecy as the “second-coming” may elude him very quickly.

Unlike Bosh, James has relished the opportunities he has gotten to be so widely recognized, and certainly has the talent and intensity to deserve such attention.

Playing on a team such as the Knicks or Bulls, or even remaining with the Cavs, would have given him the opportunity to remain as the center of attention (or even better yet, known as a “savior”) for years to come.

How he handles playing second-fiddle on “Wade’s team” and how that affects the team’s chemistry remains to be seen.

Nevertheless, all things considered (including the considerable pay cut LeBron and his two new star-studded teammates will have to take), the opportunity to team up with such talents as Wade and Bosh is obviously too much for LeBron to pass up.

On paper, the Heat do give him the best chances of winning championships for years to come.

Unfortunately, that type of estimate is simply all he can base his decision on at this time.

While LeBron may not be known as “King James” in Miami, he is still going to be recognized as a key component to winning championships.

If he and his new teammates cannot convert all the potential into production, rest assured all three will be facing the harshest critics of their careers.


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